OctoberPDFest Online

 Montag, 5. Oktober 2020 - 16:00 bis Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2020 - 18:00

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For the full month of October 2020 the PDF Association will bring together dozens of the world’s leading experts on PDF technology for a free educational webinar series celebrating the diversity and power of PDF technology capabilities and solutions. If you work with PDF technology, or use it professionally you will definitely find sessions to meet your interest!

The  agenda includes a wide variety of topics offered by experts across the world. There’s lots to learn about:

  • Security and digital signatures
  • Accessibility
  • Conversion and workflow
  • Rich content and scripting
  • Document capture and transformation
  • …and much more!

Although OctoberPDFest Online is educational in nature, presenters may discuss their solutions following the educational presentation.

This October, join the world’s PDF experts to talk about their vision for leveraging ubiquitous PDF technology to solve business problems and control costs!

Location: OctoberPDFest sessions are all web-based, 40 minutes each.

PDF Association  Registration is open!

How to validate digitally signed PDFs correctly?

Validation can be a real challenge

Presenter: Bernd Wild
Language: English

Digital signatures

7 Oktober 2020 ab 16:00


Presenter: Dr. Uwe Wächter
Language: English

SAP and Digital Signature

28 Oktober 2020 ab 17:00



A short overview about the process of signing a PDF document with single or serial signatures is given. The special features of PDF to support signature workflows like certificate signatures and allowing for dedicated modifications after signing is presented. This is the origing  of some of the complexity of the task to validate a signed PDF. We show which public standards on signature validation are available and how they affect the validation process. During the presentation various real-world scenarios of validating signed PDFs are demonstrated. Another topic will be the interpretation of validation reports in order to better understand the result if you don’t receive a „green“ checkmark.


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